Kingwood Solar means cleaner energy and cleaner air for Ohio.

Ohio has a long and proud history of harvesting the energy of the sun through agricultural production. Kingwood Solar similarly seeks to harvest the sun for society’s benefit and produce clean, zero carbon, domestic energy.

Want to know more about solar and the benefits to agriculture and our communities?

Solar Farm Greene County Benefits to Agriculutre and Community
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The Sun is by far the most important source of energy for life on Earth.

Solar electricity, also known as photovoltaics (PV), harnesses sunlight and converts it into electricity using semiconductor materials sealed within solar panels in an environmentally protective laminate. Designed to operate efficiently for several decades, PV arrays typically consist of glass, aluminum, copper, and semiconductor materials that can be successfully recovered, recycled and reused (as outlined by the Solar Energy Industries of America).

Because PV arrays require no fuel, they create no emissions during operation and are one of the cleanest and most reliable forms of power generation available today. Solar electricity production creates no odor or air pollution, no dust, no discernible movement, and virtually no noise.

Advances in technology and production methods have reduced the costs associated with solar electricity production that it is now competitive (and often cheaper) with all other forms of power generation in the United States. Kingwood Solar has not received any subsidies, grants or federal funding and will be a privately owned, tax paying member of the community.