Kingwood Solar Farm Land Use Benefits

Low Impact

Utility scale solar has very limited impacts to the underlying land. Approximately 50% of the land remains uncovered by panels and there are no permanent foundations within the solar array area. Drainage is maintained or redesigned, in accordance with Ohio EPA requirements, there is minimal grading and compaction and the top soil stays on site. The project will use fewer pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers than the current use. Additionally there is no odor or air pollution, no water contamination, no dust, no discernible movement, and the equipment is very quiet.

Natural Screening

Kingwood Solar is committed to providing natural screening like trees, hedges and native plantings to minimize any visual impacts associated with the project. Our team is happy to talk with any neighboring landowners that are concerned with visual impact from their home or property lines.


Kingwood Solar will use pollinator friendly vegetative seed that will have a positive impact on local harvest yields. Pollinator vegetation on solar project sites are proven to reduce water runoff, reduce sediment loss, and improve crop production in surrounding areas. Temporary removal of the project lands from agricultural production will allow for improved soil health throughout the life of the solar project.


A decommissioning plan will be agreed to prior to the Ohio Power Siting Board’s permit issuance, and a financial security will be established to ensure the removal of all equipment at the end of the project’s life. The project site will be returned to the landowners in essentially the same condition it is in today. After the project has completed its useful life and the land has been restored, it can be returned to productive farmland or utilized as the landowners see fit at that time.