Vesper Energy is a leading developer and owner of renewable energy facilities across the United States. Vesper’s mission is to create high quality project assets that contribute to a sustainable, decarbonized energy future by investing in and respecting the communities we work with. Find out more about Vesper Energy and our projects at vesperenergy.com.
Ohio is the 8th highest electricity generating state in the country yet less than 1% comes from renewable energy sources. Utility-scale solar has been generating reliable, clean power at stable prices for decades, and improvements in solar technology continue to improve design efficiency and price competition with other generation sources. Kingwood Solar was sited with consideration to numerous factors including, but not limited to, proximity to transmission infrastructure, low-impact land characteristics, willing landowners, and many others.
If approved as a Qualified Energy Project, Kingwood Solar will pay more than $1.5 million in taxes every year while requiring essentially no municipal services, will create more than 200 construction jobs for Ohioans, and will establish an education program with a local university or technical institution. Additionally, Kingwood Solar will support Ohio’s transition to renewable generation sources and a decarbonized energy economy meaning cleaner energy and cleaner air for Ohio communities. Learn more about benefits of Kingwood Solar in the presentation videos below.
Kingwood Solar will create 200-300 construction jobs and 80% of those jobs will be filled by Ohioans. The project will create approximately 5, well-paying, permanent, full-time job equivalents for the life of the project. There will also be supplier and contractor opportunities and the project will support regional manufacturing and fabrication.
Numerous studies in the US show no negative impacts to property values in proximity to a solar project. In fact, a national leader in appraisals did extensive research on properties after installation of solar projects–in both suburban and rural areas–and found either a neutral impact or a positive impact. The substantial economic impact a solar project can have often mean more local investments, school funding, and lower taxes.
Solar energy facilities are safe. There is no air pollution, no water pollution, and no chemical emissions. Solar projects utilize array racking equipment that is designed to mitigate adverse impacts from extreme weather events and follow strict construction practices adhering to state and federal regulations to operate safely, quietly, and efficiently for their lifecycle.
Kingwood Solar will provide vegetative screening in selected areas around the perimeter of the Project Area to mitigate potential visual impacts to neighboring residents and landowners.
During the construction period the project site will be planted with a site-specific seed mix that will establish pollinator friendly vegetation throughout the project area, which can help improve pollinator supply and soil quality while reducing water runoff and sediment loss.


Virtual Public Information Meeting

March 30, 2021

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Virtual Community Meeting

October 26, 2020

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Kingwood Solar Farm Virtual Community Meeting​
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The Kingwood Solar Ohio Power Siting Board case file can be found at this link, or by searching case file 21‑0117‑EL‑BGN on the Ohio Power Siting Board website.